20 Prom Dresses No Teen Should Be Wearing

inappropriate prom dressesTake everything you knew about teenage style, fashion, and dress codes. Got it? Now throw it out the window. From the looks of the racks, prom is not the time to abide by any rules of fashion or, frankly, modesty. While prom dress shopping is a right of passage for any girl, and trying on magical gowns and flowing skirts is a dream, coming across some of the numbers out there is more of a nightmare for parents.


Parents are often put between a rock in a hard place as companies market more and more sexual clothes to younger and younger teenagers.

Here's a question you can tell your kids to ask: Is it a prom dress, or a Dancing With the Stars costume? That should be the number one way of vetting whether the dress is appropriate enough to rock in the school gym or should be shelved until her appearance on the ballroom floor with Derek Hough.

As you're gearing up for that exciting shopping trip, prepare yourself by first ... by seeing all of the "don'ts."

Wow, is #12 even a dress?!


Image via Jasz Couture

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