College Baseball Player's Offensive Tweet About Mo'ne Davis Is Same-Old Reaction to Female Success & We're Sick of It

A baseball player from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania got exactly what he deserved—to be booted from his team—after it was discovered he sent a tweet in which he called a female baseball star a "slut."


Joey Casselberry has reportedly deleted his Twitter account, but not before a screenshot was saved and circulated of a tweet he sent that needlessly bashed Little League World Series star pitcher Mo'ne Davis, who is such a renown young player that she was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated and is the subject of an upcoming Disney movie.

Casselberry reportedly tweeted, "That slut got rocked by Nevada:"

It's disgusting to call a girl or woman of any age a derogatory term like "slut," but for those who don't know, Davis is 13. And her accomplishments are incredible. She was one of only two girls to play in the 2014 Little League World Series and is the first African-American girl to play in any World Series.

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Of course, instead of praising this incredible young girl, the comments she gets to read about herself are more of the same: she's a slut. A whore. She should do wxy disgusting things to men, for no other reason than because she is a woman and this is how many people (usually jealous, petty men) choose to lash out when they feel any loss of their "power."

You'll notice this guy didn't attack Mo'Ne's abilities on the field or explain why she got "rocked" in Nevada and how he felt she could improve her game. There's no need to do this when you can throw around the word "slut" and hope this is enough to make her go away.

This incident is similar to the way Ashley Judd was called a "bitch," "c__t," and told to do vulgar sexual things last week after she had the nerve to criticize a sports team. Her attackers didn't attempt to engage with her in a debate about the actual sport she was expressing an opinion about because, in our society, there's no need to do that: just call a woman a "whore" and expect that she'll be too ashamed to fight back.

Before Judd, MLB star Curt Schilling congratulated his daughter on Twitter for securing a spot on a college baseball team. He got to hear back from plenty of strange men who wanted to perform violent sexual acts on his 17-year-old daughter.

The list of examples goes on and on.

Successful women and girls don't simply deal with jealousy. They also have the pleasure of defending their own honor and having to ignore frightening, sexual threats made by cowardly guys who are too gutless to take their insecurities out on other men who they fear will just kick their spineless asses.

Looking on the bright side: the university did the right thing. Now let's hope other young men look at this example and realize this atrocious behavior has consequences (sometimes).

Why do you think women and girls like Mo'Ne Davis are forced to deal with this kind of online harassment?


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