25 Questions Teens Are Dying to Ask Their Parents

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Though it may often seem like your moody, hormonal teen wants nothing to do with you, it's usually far from the truth. Teenagers are every bit as inquisitive, constantly changing, and wondering about the world around them as their younger siblings. And there are plenty of questions they wish they could ask you.


They just... can't. 

It might be awkward or intrusive. Parents might not want to answer them, or your kids think you won't, anyway. But they definitely want to float the question out there.

In fact, a recent study just proved it. More than 37 percent of boys and 46 percent of girls actually want to talk to their parents and ask questions about love, relationships, and sex. Another study found that 44 percent of teens aren't satisfied just talking to their friends. They would actually prefer to talk to Mom or Dad. They might just not know how to start.

A number of teens are so frustrated they've taken to the Internet (especially Reddit) to anonymously post the questions that they wish they could ask their parents, offering the rest of us a look into our own kids' (often confusing) brains. 

Here are 25 questions your teen may just want to ask ... but doesn't know how:

  1. When you leave the room, why don't you ever close the door all the way? Even when we're alone?
  2. What do you really think about underage drinking?
  3. Be honest: did you drink before you were 21?
  4. Why do you treat a "B" grade like it's the end of the world?
  5. What do you really think we're doing behind that closed door?

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  6. What's the worst thing you ever did as a teenager?
  7. How do you really pull the "stop talking back!" card at every possible moment?
  8. Was I really a "surprise"?
  9. Why do you insist on grilling us the moment we come home from school?
  10. Would you rather I was friends with the "not-so-good" crowd, or had no friends at all?
  11. Do you ever say "no" just to say "no"?
  12. Do you actually trust me?
  13. What can I do so that you will actually trust me?
  14. What do you really think about my friends?
  15. Why are you so afraid to have "the talk" with me?
  16. Is there anything you wish you didn't know about me?
  17. Be honest: do you actually know what's best for me?
  18. What's one thing you wish you could ask us, but it's against the parents' "code"?

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  19. Why do you always want to know who I'm texting?
  20. Why do you insist on embarrassing me?
  21. Do you actually want to know what I learned today, or are you just making small talk?
  22. How often do you stalk me on social media?
  23. How is "because I said so" a valid reason for me to do, or not to do, something?
  24. Do you really not have a favorite child?
  25. When do you want us to confess about all the crazy things we've done? Never, right?

What's one thing you wish you could ask your parents?


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