Get Off the Road: 5 Terrifying Things Kids Are Doing Behind the Wheel

teen girl driving

Here's a good news/bad news situation for all the drivers, pedestrians, and general humans out on the streets today: less teens are texting behind the wheel, but they're doing things that are possibly even worse.


There have been multiple government and private campaigns to educate teens about the dangers and risks of texting while driving. And it looks like they're working. In this new survey, 40 percent of teens admit that they've texted while operating a car, which is much lower than in previous studies, in which 43 percent of teens admitted to it.

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So, yes, they're aware of those dangers, but they might not be so clear about others.

Here's what else teens admit to doing behind the wheel:

  1. Changing their clothes. In fact, 27 percent of teens admitted that they do a quick wardrobe swap while driving.
  2. Playing with their gadgets. Texting still remains one of the biggest technological vices, but teens are also reporting that they're talking on the phone, changing radio stations, and working their car's GPS.
  3. Change contact lenses. Because apparently it's a good idea to drive a two-ton machine without clear vision. Kidding.

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  4. Put on makeup. The road awareness can wait. The mascara application cannot, it seems.
  5. Do their homework. On their way to and from school, it seems that they're busy finishing up their notes and assignments.

How do you teach your teen driving safety?


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