How to Boost a Girl's Body Image? Ask Boys What They Like!

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Here's an interesting new proposal to boost girls' body image: let them talk to boys. And not just about anything, but what these boys find attractive. Sound like a disaster waiting to happen? Not according to  Aric Sigman, a child health expert and author of The Body Wars: Why Body Dissatisfaction Is At Epidemic Proportions


According to Sigman's research, over the past few decades body image issues have worsened among girls. And part of the problem is that not enough men -- and boys -- have joined in on the conversation.

Why would that help? Because boys aren't half as critical about female bodies as girls think they are. Instead, they take a more well-rounded view of what's attractive, factoring in hair, eyes, body language, and yes, even personality.

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So, if only girls knew how boys really felt, it would allow them to relax a little about their looks.

Overall, I like this idea, because I wholeheartedly agree that women and girls have distorted ideas of what men find attractive. I also think this distortion is worsened by the fact that men -- the very people we're dieting and exercising up the wazoo to impress! -- are rarely asked, "Well, what do you find attractive, anyway?"

When I've asked my husband this question, I'm always surprised by his answer. He'll  thumbs-down some rail-thin woman whose body I'd kill to have for one day. Then he'll thumbs-up some woman who has a totally average body, but an incredible smile and a twinkle in her eye -- that's it.

If boys could give girls that same refreshing reality check, I'm all for it.

Do you think boys can help boost girls' body image?


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