Jazz Jennings to Star in Reality Show About Being a Transgender Kid

jazz jenningBetween dealing with typical teen issues like school, friends, and family, TLC's newest documentary series will also highlight one very important topic: transgender activism. Jazz Jennings, a 14-year-old transgender activist and author, and her family will star in a brand new series, All That Jazz.


Though she was born a male, Jennings has been living as a girl for the past nine years. Along with the support of her family, the teen has started hormone treatments, and was once featured on the OWN network's "I Am Jazz" special. For her work in the transgender community, the young advocate was also named one of TIME magazine's 25 most influential teens.

But this show will give her an even bigger platform to share her story.

The series will premiere this summer and will feature the whole family. Jazz, her parents, her college-aged sister, her twin high school-aged brothers, and her grandparents will all start in the program. And it's whole aim is to bring awareness to the transgender community, and showcase this unique -- but loving -- family.

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And we would all be off better watching it. It seems like we so often hear sad and tragic stories about transgender teens in the country. From confusion about their feelings, to fear of being rejected by family, friends, and society, the children face insurmountable challenges.

Yet hopefully this program will shine a light on how to positively parent your transgender children. Since the whole family is involved, we'll get a chance to see not only Jazz raising awareness, but also seeing how it affects a whole unit.

That way, any parents who might be experiencing the same changes with their family can begin to receive guidance and inspiration.

Will you watch the show?



Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images for GLAAD

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