Teenage Basketball Players Stop Game to Defend Girl Being Bullied in the Stands

basketball players defend girl with down syndrome from bulliesIn a sign of great parenting, three middle school basketball players showed us what it really means to prioritize the important things in life. While the students were playing a game in their school gym, they noticed that a child on the sidelines was being bullied. So in a beautiful move, they stopped the game and defended their fellow student from the bully.


Desiree Andrews, a cheerleader who also has Down syndrome, was being bullied in their Kenosha, Wisconsin school. Without hesitating, the players walked off the court to defend her.

It's great parenting at it's finest. The three students were taught not only that they should intervene should they ever see bullying, but showed the rest of the crowd what it really means to prioritize what's right.

A game can wait. Protecting someone who is being hurt and attacked cannot.

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There are certain things that are more important, and this, right here, is certainly one of them.

The incredible gesture is reason to applaud their parents. Schools often teach students how to identify bullying and how to intervene, but teaching your children what is right and wrong is often the first step and most important. And clearly the one that has the most impact on a child and can show them how to rightfully handle this situation if it were to arise.

How do you teach your kids to handle bullies?



Image via todaystmj4/YouTube

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