18 Rules for Teenagers From America's 'Strictest' Parents

mom yelling at teen daughterParenting a teenager is a balancing act. Between being a complete hands-off parents and a helicopter mom, you face plenty of decisions. What rules do you enforce? How do you enforce them? And what consequences do you set? Get ready, because those teen years will definitely test your patience.


We asked parents to tell us about the strictest rules they've set for their teenage kids and gathered confessions from teens across the internet about the most authoritarian and harsh rules their parents have ever made.

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We promise, these are all real. And worth pulling out the next time your kids start complaining that you're the meanest mom EVER:

  1. Sundays through Thursdays, cellphones must be handed over to Mom at 9 p.m.
  2. No laptops until after graduation from high school.
  3. No using the word "sucks."
  4. No smartphones until after high school.
  5. No black or red underwear.
  6. No rap music.
  7. No drinks, of any kind, in the bedroom.
  8. No sweats, gym clothes, skinny jeans, stretch pants, short shorts, mini-skirts, pajama pants, and sleeveless shirts have to pass the three-finger-test.

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  9. Always say where you're driving. The odometer will be checked before you leave and when you return to confirm the trip distance.
  10. No red nail polish.
  11. Any potential friend has to come over to the house and meet Mom before any possibly hang-out.
  12. Absolutely no sleepovers. Ever.
  13. No driving on the highway. Side roads everywhere.
  14. Ask permission to use the restroom.
  15. Six-minute limits on showers.
  16. If you want to go to a party, Mom is your plus one.
  17. No more than two pieces of black clothing can be worn at the same time.
  18. No posters on the bedroom walls.

What is the strictest rule you've given your teenagers? Or that your parents gave you?


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