Kid's Epic 'Bar Mitzvah' Party Invitation Is the Best Thing You Will See From Now Until the End of Time (VIDEO)​

If you haven't been invited to Brody Criz's bar mitzvah ... well, hate to say it, but you're going to miss out. This soon-to-be 13-year-old made a video invitation that's possibly the best invitation ever made for anything, and we can only imagine how hard it's going to be to get an actual invite to his party now. Which is totally a bummer, because if the invitation is any gauge, this kid's party is going to be off the hook.


Brody remixed Billboard Top 5 songs to fit a string of mitzvah and "becoming a man" jokes, and it's amazing. And hilarious. And he somehow convinced his family to get in on it, which makes it even better.

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Oh yeah, and he dances around mostly naked to "Blurred Lines" for a while, so that's worth a watch for the laughs alone. 

Check it out:

We're pretty sure he just made mitzvahs cool again, and that deserves some recognition, if nothing else. This kid is a legend, and we cannot wait until he starts sending out invites for his wedding.

We loved to "Royals" remix! What was your favorite part?

Image via XpressVideoPro/YouTube

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