Teen's Photos of Girls 'Suffering' Is a Wake-Up Call for Parents

Teen's Photos of Girls 'Suffering' Is a Wake-Up Call for Parents

hannah altman and everything nice

Think about everything you've ever read or heard about the impossible beauty standards women and girls are held to, and then check out this photo essay, "And Everything Nice," by 19-year-old photographer Hannah Altman. In her imagined world, tears and blood are replaced with colorful glitter. 

What those glitter tears are saying is, isn't it absurd that even girls are expected to look pretty even when their hearts are breaking, or when they've hit pavement and are bleeding? Altman is wise to notice this impossible pressure and to call it out on its ridiculousness. See her evocative images and her thoughts about the project.

Would you show these to your teen?


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  • Vomit


    The photo series began as a college project at Point Park University, in Pittsburgh. Altman posted the images on her Tumblr, where she describes her project: "'And Everything Nice' is an unflinching analysis of the standard for female beauty. The ongoing series consists of women in states of affliction; the body fluid of the models have been replaced with glitter to visualize the concept of girls invariably needing to seem attractive regardless of the actual situation."

  • Nosebleed


    Altman tells Huffington Post she doesn't have a favorite photo. However, she adds, "it’s interesting to think that everyone who views this series responds and relates to each image in a different and personal way. Each of the photos represents an issue that is both personal to each viewer, but universal to all women.”


  • Gums


    “The excessive glitter is a key element in this series of photographs," Altman says. "The ceaseless shimmer of the subject matter is ironic because it is being projected onto the female body without their expressed knowledge."

  • Tears


    "This represents society’s continual custom of, in a way, censoring the natural occurrences of the female body and turns what may be considered unladylike into something with more sparkle," Altman continues.


  • Razor


    "The newer, shinier version of the female anatomy is in turn much more attractive and feeds into the idea of boundless beauty leaking from the female body.”

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  • Cuticles


    "The project is intended to be a pictorial representation of the unreasonable female standard of beauty," Altman told The Stir. "By creating set-ups that would normally be considered grotesque would it not be for the glitter, the sparkle stands out because it is the only facet of the photo that is abnormal."

  • Skinned Knees


    "The women models do not seem to acknowledge the glitter as something any different than natural body fluid, which supplements the idea that women have been conditioned to go to any length in order keep up an attractive appearance."

  • Menstrual Blood


    "The project is meant to raise the awareness of such a ridiculous standard, and to question its morality," Altman concludes about her work.

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