​12-Year-Old Gives President Obama a Lesson in Loving America (VIDEO)

CJ pearson

However you feel about Rudy Giuliani's accusations that President Barack Obama doesn't love America, you've got to respect CJ Pearson -- a 12-year-old in Georgia who passionately applauds the former New York mayor's claims in his own YouTube video that's going viral.


Check out CJ's video below:

CJ, a seventh grader and student body president at Columbia Middle School in Georgia, has also started a political organization call Young Georgians in Government which is spreading across his state.

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Now, whether you agree with what CJ's saying in his video isn't the point. The point is, isn't it nice to see a kid care about something other than the latest video games? With political apathy rampant among American youth, it's refreshing to see someone so young take a vocal stance, and work so hard to rally others his age to get involved, too. 

I have a feeling we'll all be seeing much more of CJ in the next few years -- particularly since he's working to pass a law that will lower the minimum age to run for the State House from 21 to 18 and State Senate from 25 to 21. Sounds to me like he's chomping at the bit to run for office!

Good luck, CJ. You give us hope that kids can make a difference. 

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Image via CJ Pearson/YouTube

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