Teen 'Geek' With a Unibrow Takes Fashion World By Storm

molly bair modelAt 17 years old, Molly Bair is taking over the fashion world. The Pennsylvania teen has a budding modeling career, quick wit, and the intense look that's perfect for high fashion. And above all else, Bair is a great role model to all other teens.


Those formative teenage years are full of angst, attempts to fit in, and the continual journey of self-discovery. But what Bair (who stands at 6 feet, 1 inch) shows us is that it's time for everyone, including teenagers, to embrace their uniqueness for the greatness it is.

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Though she's now an accomplished model who has walked the runways of Chanel, Alexander Wang, and Prada and appears in Vogue Italia, she hasn't always thought her looks would lend themselves to such a career.

"I would never think that a girl who spent most of her childhood with a unibrow, glasses, and a Yoda shirt would be in Vogue Italia," she tells CNN. "I'm kind of, I guess, embracing that alien, rat, demon, goblin, gremlin sort of vibe and going with it."

A touch of sass and plenty of humor is exactly what Bair has. And it's just what kids need to see.

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She's embracing her unique look rather than changing it. It's part of her image and brand, and she's owning it. And that's exactly how we should all be. And exactly what we should be teaching our kids.

Showing our tweens and teens that their look makes them them is one of the greatest lessons we can offer. Letting them know that they're beautiful because of (not in spite of) their individuality will promote self-confidence and a positive body image. 

And at a time when they're questioning everything and looking to the world for affirmation, it's crucial to see a teen who's made it happen, Yoda shirt and all. 


Image via thesocietynyc/Instagram

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