13 Awesome Things About Teenage Daughters That No One Tells You About

mother teenage daughterWait, did I read that headline wrong?! I know, I know -- as the mother of a 13-year-old daughter, I'm the first person to admit that, traditionally, the job of parenting a hormone-riddled adolescent girl isn't generally associated with being awesome or the "best" of anything (unless you happen to like the sound of doors slamming and money being flushed down the toilet). But I'm learning that there are actually quite a few unexpected perks that come with having a teen girl in the house -- for moms, at least.


(Sorry dads, you might be stuck white-knuckling it until college.) Which is not to say it's an easy gig -- not by any stretch of the imagination -- but there are definitely things about having a teen daughter that I've come to appreciate. Such as:

1. You know every item on the Starbucks secret menu.

What you don't know is how she finds this stuff out. She's like a Frappucino ninja!

2. There's somebody to fill you in on all the latest celeb gossip.

Wait, which Kardashian is the tall one again? And who is Taylor Swift dating? Just ask your daughter! She knows, believe me.

3. There's somebody to impress with all your (outdated) celeb gossip.

Guess who didn't know that Mark Wahlberg's big brother was a New Kid on the Block? Your daughter, that's who. (Wait 'til you tell her you saw NKOTB in concert!! She'll be so impressed!)

4. You already got the "birds and the bees" talk out of the way. 

Now just try not to think about the fact that very soon, everything you told her will be horrifyingly relevant.

5. You don't have to worry about cursing in front of her. 

She probably thinks your go-to swear words are quaint (have you heard what they're saying at school?!). 

6. You have an excuse to watch movies like The Fault in Our Stars.

BRB, sobbing.

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7. Your shoe wardrobe doubles.

Assuming you have similar taste (and feet), having another female in the house who wears the same size shoes (or even pretty close to the same size) means a back-up selection of cute kicks at your disposal! Just don't try to borrow her Uggs, because she will totally kill you, OMG.

8. Instead of calling her into the room to tell her something, you can just text her.

She's way more likely to answer you that way, plus you don't have to exert yourself!

9. You never have to take any pictures of anything ever, because she's constantly snapping photos of everything on her phone.

Though you will have to nag her like a million times to send you the good ones. 

10. With any luck, your cycles will sync up: PMS-fueled brownie-baking sessions for the win!

Also twice the crying, but never mind that.

11. Going to Sephora just got real.

Remember when you thought the perfect eyeliner would change your life? Revisit that magical phase with your daughter. (Maybe it really will change your life this time!)

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12. Getting to eavesdrop on all the buzz from the backseat while you drive your daughter and her friends to the mall.

If you're an especially quiet chaperone, they'll forget you're even there and let some really juicy stuff slip!

13. You never even saw Frozen once.

Look, I'm sure it was good, I'm just saying -- I never had to watch it. 

What do you think are the best parts about having a teenage daughter?


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