'Sports Illustrated's Jaw-Dropping Swimsuit Cover Is NSFK (Not Safe for Kids!)

sports illustrated swimsuit issue 2015Okay, so 2015's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Hannah Davis is pulling down her bikini bottom. Yup, right there on the cover, literally pulling down her pants. And this is going to be in full view of your kids at every grocery store checkout.


So ... thanks Sports Illustrated! That's just super duper. I can't wait to have an awkward conversation with my 11-year-old son about this cover. "Well now! Doesn't Ms. Davis have a nicely groomed pudendum." Let me show you what I'm talking about.

sports illustrated swimsuit issue 2015

Right? You caught this part? Because it's MY FAVORITE!

sports illustrated swimsuit issue 2015

What are they thinking? Are there NO parents on staff at that magazine? By all means, guys, invite the ladies to pull down their pants on every single page of the new issue for all I care. But come on. Have a little compassion for moms and dads who will have to have a conversation with their kids about that lady who pulls down her panties in public.

Think of the parents who keep trying to convince their 5-year-old that she needs to remain clothed in kindergarten class because that's what's expected in school.

Think of preadolsecent girls who are already inundated with red carpet shots of celebs in naked dresses and friends in revealing selfies and who are in danger of thinking this is what you have to do if you want love in this world.

Think of my 11-year-old son, who is right now forming his ideas of what adult, grown women are all about. Lord! And the Sports Illustrated editors: Have mercy on us all!

Look, I don't believe in sanitizing the world for your children. I don't think it's the worst thing in the world for kids to be exposed to nudity here and there. It's unhealthy to treat the naked body like some form of evil magic that has the power to corrupt the young.

But sexualized nudity is something else. That is a visual language for adults only. And yes, I do think children need to be protected from it. They need to be able to put it in context. They need to have a strong sense of self and a mature mind.

I know kids my son's age will sneak peeks at naughty images. But the important thing is that they're sneaking those peeks -- because they know those images are considered adult territory, off limits for children. It's important that they recognize that that boundary exists, even if they cross that boundary.

Oh blah blah blah! Parents already know all this. I'm ranting, I guess. I'm just disappointed that Sports Illustrated didn't use better judgment. Honestly, they don't need to do this to sell more issues. It's going to fly off the shelves regardless of whether or not clothes are flying of the cover model.

What do you think about your kids seeing the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover everywhere?


Image via Sports Illustrated

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