10 Tasteless Shirts No Teen Should Be Wearing

Judy Dutton | Mar 13, 2015 Tweens & Teens

tasteless t-shirt

Parents are notorious for telling their teens and tweens "you're not setting foot outside the house wearing THAT." And when it comes to some of the t-shirts being marketed to teenagers these days, you can't blame them.

Like it or not, clothing companies come up with all kinds of tasteless "jokes" to put on shirts that your kids may be tempted to try on for size. And it's up to us to play the heavy, especially when it comes to tees that poke fun at domestic abuse, autism, and other non-family-friendly topics.

Warning: foul language and icky imagery ahead, especially on slide #9 and #10!


Image via T-shirt Hell

  • 'Home Alone' Humor


    Image via RoadKill T-shirts

    This shirt makes us want to never, ever leave our kids home alone, ever. Especially with a teen wearing this shirt.

  • Spanking Won't Cure What?


    Image via Zazzle

    This shirt is a great way to make friends with autistic kids, and their parents. Not.

  • Mom and Dad When Shoplifting And...


    Image via T-shirt Hell

    A play off the old "all I got was this t-shirt" story, only with a "my parents are shoplifters!" twist. Except this time no one is laughing.

  • Oh Really?


    Image via T-shirt Hell

    We get it. It's a twist on the usual "My dad can beat up your dad" line, but poking fun at domestic violence is anything but funny. Especially when you consider 21 percent of teenage girls and 10 percent of boys experience some form of dating violence.

  • Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note


    Image via change.org

    After shirts with Kurt Cobain's 1994 suicide note hit Urban Outfitters -- followed by e-commerce sites like eBay and Etsy -- a change.org petition was launched demanding they discontinue the item. So this shirt may be hard to find now, but the fact that it ever existed at all just goes to show that shirt companies still try to glamorize death to teens.

  • Scuse Me?


    Image via change.org

    When Urban Outfitters came out with a shirt saying "eat less," change.org issued a demand that the shirt be discontinued. The clothing chain caved and pulled the merchandise off the Internet, but reportedly continued selling the shirt in stores. Why? Good question.

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  • Now Exactly a Glowing Recommendation


    Image via RoadKill T-shirts

    Way to pump your kid up and sing her praises, parents!

  • Eww!


    Image via T-shirt Hell

    Seriously, what girl could wear this shirt to a friend's house without making the entire family very uncomfortable?

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  • Too Pretty for What?


    Image via JCPenney

    Such a fine message to send our daughters: good looks will get you off the hook of ever doing hard work, or using your brain for that matter. Fine, so JCPenney stopped selling the shirt due to negative pressure, but they should have nixed this long before it saw the light of day.

  • Yuck


    Image via T-shirt Hell


    We at least hope this shirt is meant for teenage boys rather than adult men... still, though, no matter who wears it, it's gross.


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