26 Weirdest Things Kids Were Caught Googling

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It's a fact: kids have questions -- loads of them. And while in an ideal world, they'd turn to their parents for answers, today they've got a far less embarrassing alternative: Google. If you think your kids haven't figured out the power of this search engine to clear up whatever's baffling them -- or just confuse them more -- check out these hilarious Google searches by kids to find out what questions they really want answered.

  1. "My kids searched 'can chickens swim.' Since we had chickens at the time, I was a little worried!"
  2. "I once checked my little brother's recent searches. They included 'necked women' and 'free legos.'"
  3. "Had a friend catch his little brother Google: girl's pinis girl's penes girl's peenes girl's penus.' Had a real long laugh about that!"
  4. "My 6-year-old once searched: 'Was Hitler real?'"
  5. "My little brother once searched 'how to make pancakes for mommy and daddy.' I just thought it was cute he put in the last bit."
  6. "I was fixing my 12-year-old cousin's computer, and when checking his search history, I saw multiple searches for 'masturbation tips' or similar."
  7. "Trying to find porn as a kid, I googled 'www.pawn.com.' Chess pieces everywhere."
  8. "My mom once asked why I'd searched 'What would happen if I shoved a firecracker up my butthole?'"
  9. "My brother Googled 'brit spars nhaked' when he was probably 11. Pretty sure he wanted 'Britney Spears naked.' He was and still is terrible at spelling."
  10. "My little brother has some sixth grader who hangs out with him even though my brother is only 8, and they took one of the laptops to my little brother's room. I checked the history and it said this: 'corn,' 'hot girl corn,' 'girl corn.' I could only guess this is the sixth grader's attempt at porn. Hopefully."

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  11. "My boyfriend's daughter asked for various teen celebrity's phone numbers so she could call them. We had to sit her down and explain that Katy Perry spends a lot of time and effort keeping that out of the public, and how all the results she gets will be pranks. She was so disappointed that Google could lie. She also will type in things like 'how are you today?' or 'do you think I am cool?' Search history looks psychotic."
  12. "'What's the number for child protective services?'"
  13. "'How is babby formed?'"
  14. "My 8-year-old once searched 'Do boobies give girls superpowers like Spider-Man?'"
  15. "When I was at a friend's house, we had to go on his brother's computer to look up something. When we clicked on the Google search bar, the dropdown box that displayed recent searches appeared. Among the list were things such as boobs, naked women, etc. But one term I remember clearly: 'tampon intersection.' So we go to laugh at his brother and tell him what we saw, and he vehemently denied it was him, claiming 'someone' must have hacked his computer. Right. To this day I don't know what tampon intersection may imply, nor do I want to."
  16. "We caught our fourth grader searching for 'woman's breast.' It was really hard not to ask him why he only searched for one."
  17. "'Phagina.'"

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  18. "When my sister was young she loved the 'American Girls' series. We first got AOL and this is back when the Internet was even more porn than it is now. Do I even need to finish the story?"
  19. "When my brother was in grade school, he had to write an essay about service animals and 'how our furry friends helped us.' He made the mistake of Googling 'Furry Friends' and found a porn site. He came to me to finish the essay as well as a quick tutorial on Internet searches."
  20. "'Why did my mom lie about Santa, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy, and how do I get revenge?'"
  21. "I searched my brother's history and found some funny stuff: 'How to make 100 dollars fast,' 'How to convince your parents to give you 20 dollars,' even 'Guy craps in elevator.'"
  22. "My nephew LOVES animals, can't get enough info about them, constantly reading/watching videos about them ... so he comes into the living room one day asking my brother about 'girl parts.' Turns out he'd Googled 'beaver,' which led him to Hustler magazine."
  23. "So I thought it was cute that my 7-year-old Googled 'wether' along with our zip code. Intelligent and wonderful, aw. Then I noticed 'boobz,' 'striping,' and 'sex music.' Uhhhhhhhhh. Yeah, time to have a talk."
  24. "I once found that my 10-year-old sister had typed into Google, 'How you have sex properly.' I was more concerned that she added properly to the question."
  25. "My 11-year-old brother looked up 'Simpsons porn' once. That kinda disturbed me for a while."
  26. "When in first grade, my daughter's class hatched chicks from eggs; they do this every spring. Wanting to draw chicks, she and her friend Googled 'chicks' on the iPad at home. And I knew something was wrong when they asked, 'Why are these women naked?'"

What's the funniest Google search you've caught your kids doing?


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