20 College Roommates So Crazy They Make Living at Home Sound Like a Dream

20 College Roommates So Crazy They Make Living at Home Sound Like a Dream

sony pictures the roommate minka kelly leighton meesterYour kids arrive on campus, bright eyed and eager to embark on this glorious adventure and the supposed "best four years of their lives." Move-in day means setting them up in their cozy (read: tiny) new room and meeting the person your not-so-little kid will be sharing their space with: the roommate. But what happens when that bunk mate is a flat-out crazy? Well, then you get blessed with one of these fantastic college roommate horror stories.

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We consulted more than a dozen college students and grads to find out exactly what happens when you decide to share a room with a complete stranger. Take a look at their horror stories and maybe you can convince your kiddo to stick to community college ...

Do you have a roommate horror story? Can it top the Tom Cruise story?


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  • Empty Apartment


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    "When I was in grad school, I went to Europe for a couple months in the summer. My rent was paid, and I was fully expecting to return to my shared apartment when I returned at the end of August. After staying up all night in Madrid, followed by an overnight flight back to the US, and a long subway ride from the airport back to the apartment, I opened the door to find the place completely empty.

    "I called our mutual friend who informed me that my roommate (who held the lease) had decided to move home, and that all my stuff was sitting in a gigantic pile in her apartment now. My roommate couldn't have called or written to me when she made this decision? I had to find out I was homeless AFTER I'd already returned from Spain? WTF!!!

    "I moved in with my then-boyfriend, so at least I had that option."

    -- Adriana

  • Big Spoon/Little Spoon


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    "Sophomore year, my suitemates and I were at a toga mixer with one of the frats on campus. When I got back, I didn't want to climb into my lofted bed so I passed out on the futon. In the middle of the night, I was woken up by someone cuddling me. Turns out, my suitemate had gotten back, walked into the shared bathroom, then came into the wrong room. I stiffened slightly to not wake her, but I guess I did because I felt her look around confused, then get up and sneak back to her room. Oh, did I mention she was naked? Yeah. The next morning I had to give her her nose ring which I found in my hair from her cuddling."

    -- jezebellatrix/Reddit

  • The Bonus Roommate


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    "I lived in an apartment-style dorm with four other girls. One of the girls would let her boyfriend stay over, and he would always pee with the seat down and not clean up after himself when he sprayed on the seat. My other roommate got so fed up that she wrote 'THIS IS PEE' in permanent marker on the toilet seat with an arrow pointing to the mess he left behind. The next day, you could cut the tension with a knife in that apartment."

    -- Leilah

  • The Germaphobe


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    "My college suitemate was a total germaphobe. If you so much as coughed in your own room, she would come in with a can of Lysol and SPRAY YOU. If I die of some strange lung disease, I hold her responsible!"

    -- Jeanne

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  • Room/Library


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    "Woke up in the middle of the night to a strange man in my dorm room and my roommate nowhere to be seen. He said she let him use the room to study. I wasn't too happy."

    -- cinder8887/Reddit

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  • The Soda Thief


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    "She was a thief. I would hide things under my dirty clothes, and she would still find them. I hid a case of Diet Coke under my laundry and wrote my name on the bottom of each can. One day I came home, and there she was drinking a Diet Coke that said 'Pam' and she had no idea. I asked her where she got it; she said the vending machine. When I told her my name was on it, she called me a paranoid bitch."

    -- Pam

  • The Fish Killer


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    "She didn't like me at all and especially didn't like my beta fish I had on my dresser. I came in early from class one day and caught her pouring bleach into the fish bowl. He died and I asked for a new roommate and got transferred the very next day."

    -- krazymom2boyz/CafeMom

  • The Peeper


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    "She was a vegetarian who would sometimes go weeks eating only one kind of food. Seriously, she went a week and a half eating nothing but soft serve ice cream for every meal because she said her body was craving it so it was what her body needed to function. But the real kicker is ... she talked about how she would sit in her parents' closet and watch them have sex ... Yeah she was crazy."

    -- Anonymous

  • The Alarm Blarer


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    "I moved in with my college friend and a girl she knew, let's call her B. I was staying in the living room and B had to go to work early, and she'd let her alarm go off for about 45 minutes starting at 6 a.m. She'd leave it ringing while she was in the shower and while she was getting ready in her room. It was that blaring iPhone alarm, and it was LOUD. After I mentioned it the first time, she made it louder and let it go on longer ... She also stole my alcohol."

    -- Anonymous

  • Quiet but Messy


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    "I was subletting an apartment on the Lower East Side in New York City. After I moved in, the other girl living there subletted her room to a girl who spoke no English and I'm pretty sure was a model in the city for Fashion Week. She was FILTHY. Particularly in the bathroom. She created a tower of trash: the can was seriously overflowing and I was so grossed out because I didn't want to touch all her tissues, etc., to take it out. The worst part by far was that she left huge clumps of hair in the drain of the shower to the point where I was standing in inches of water each time I showered. She left her dishes crusted with food in the sink for so long that we immediately got fruit flies. Nothing that crazy but it was just such a shock because she was this beautiful, quiet model and she was an absolute pig."

    -- Anonymous

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  • The Nighttime Chatter


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    "She talked in her sleep -- like long conversations. And it was all about baseball (with which she was obsessed). She did not believe me when I would tell her this, however, even though I was telling her everything she remembered dreaming about. So I finally recorded her and played it back for her."

    -- Kiri

  • The Double Whammy


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    "My roommate used so much hairspray and body mist that it left a residue on the floor and gave me headaches. When I asked her to do it in the bathroom, she would purposefully do it on my side of the room and get it all over my bed. The last straw is when I opened up our mini fridge to find a prescription vaginal cream tossed in with MY food. I called my dad and asked if we could use some of my financial aid toward getting me a private dorm room, and after detailing everything, he agreed. Let me just say, this is just the tip of the iceberg."

    -- Anonymous

  • Wait, What?!


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    "He woke me up at 3 a.m. He dropped his pants to the ground. He said, 'Tom Cruise was right about everything.' He then, with his pants still at his ankles, bunny-hopped back to his bed and fell asleep. I didn't sleep that night."

    -- ajnack/Reddit

  • Bathroom Break


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    "A friend had a roommate who would pee in his trash can. When my friend asked him stop, he started peeing in my friend's trash can instead."

    -- EpicNarwhals/Reddit

  • Surprise!


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    "My roommate checked in the day before me, and when I walked into an empty room the next morning, I assumed she was out. An hour after I started settling in, I hear rustling and this girl slides out from underneath the bed. She gets scared sleeping in the open at night, apparently, so she sleeps under the bed cause it makes her feel safe. I never knew if she was in the room or not! I felt so weird checking under the bed to see if she was in the room with me, so I always just assumed she was there to play it safe."

    -- lovelleigh/Reddit

  • Plot Twist


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    "One night I wake up around 2 a.m., pretty late, and go to get a drink. While I'm pouring water in a glass, one of my housemates opens his door (his room was on the ground floor, mine was upstairs), walks into the living room in only his boxers, and pisses all over the TV.

    "Next day he gets up around midday, and when he sees the note I left him explaining what happened, he didn't believe it at first. To be fair, he did spend a good few hours cleaning everything even remotely close to the splash zone and was very apologetic, especially to the owner of the TV, our other housemate.

    "Apparently he'd been sleepwalking, and the route he took from his room to the TV was the same route from his room to the toilet at his home.

    "The jokes were relentless and lasted for months. We even stuck a page from the Argos catalogue with TVs on it to the back of the toilet so he'd know that's where to piss now.

    "I'm telling this story from the perspective of my housemate: I was actually the one who pissed all over the TV. I'm sorry."

    -- Blaizeranger/Reddit

  • The Silverware Drawer


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    "My roommate my first year of law school was nuts. I thought we would get along because we were both older. I should have known better. The day we moved in she stood right next to me as I was unpacking the silverware. She would exactly align every knife, fork, and spoon. I finally asked her what she was doing, and she told me that if all the silverware wasn't perfectly placed, her eating disorder would return."

    -- kel_in_va/CafeMom

  • Closet Share


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    "One day I was walking to class, and I saw her ahead of me. She was wearing my clothes. When I got home that evening, they were all back in my closet."

    -- kel_in_va/CafeMom

  • The Roomie Cam


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    "Freshman year in college shared a dorm room with what I thought was the most awesome roommate ever. She was clean, tidy, and generally pleasant. We got along well and everything just seemed so ideal for my first roommate experience. It was all too good to be true ... 

    "She sometimes stayed at her boyfriend's apartment on weekends, which was also a bonus since the room was small -- this gave me a chance for some privacy. I was single at the time but dating and would often have my dates come back to my room since she would be gone.

    "Towards the end of the first semester, I was in our room working on a project. My computer was totally bogged down with photoshop and couldn't manage to do anything else. I hopped up to Google something related to the project on her computer.

    "While I was using her computer, I noticed the webcam was running. Weird, I thought, she must have accidentally left it recording. NOPE! I did some quick snooping on her PC and found that she had been recording all of my activity in the room while she was gone.

    "Even worse, she was sending the videos to one of the guys I had been dating. The following day I spoke to the RA and requested a room change immediately. WORST ROOMMATE EXPERIENCE EVER!"

    -- mungy5/Reddit

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  • Wake-Up Call


    Image via Ersler Dmitry/shutterstock

    "Once or twice per year, she would set an alarm for the middle of the night specifically so she could come into my room and scare me. One time it was a simple scream. Another time she hovered over me and cleared her throat until I woke up. That girl was not a good bro. She was an excellent maid of honor, however."

    -- youmeanthatwimpydeer/Reddit


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