Teen Devises Genius Plan to Handle Nosy Relatives During the Holidays (PHOTO)​

arianna simon pamphlet for familyDo you have a boyfriend? How's school going? How old are you now? When the holidays roll around and the extended family members start arriving, the generic questions are pretty inevitable. But one teen from Rockland, New York has invented the best way to bypass those repetitive and face it, annoying, questions. She created a Sparknotes-style pamphlet with all the most important information and handed it out to the relatives during the holidays.


Arianna Simon, 17, first sent out one of the pamphlets for Thanksgiving:

The reaction? "Everyone thought it was great," Simon tells The Stir. "I wanted to give them out more as a joke than as a serious stance against impersonal banter. I didn’t mind answering questions about the given topics more in detail once they were distributed."

So for Christmas, she's doing the same:

arianna simon pamphlet for family

"During the holiday season, most teens get stuck answering the same questions over and over again," Simon adds. "I realize that some people are genuinely interested in what you have to say, but sometimes I find that these generic questions are just used to fill the silences. I love talking to my family members, but I feel like so much time is wasted while answering repetitive questions."

So does it work? Absolutely. Once they moved past the generic pleasantries, Simon says she and her relatives were able to move on to more enjoyable and substantial topics. Current issues? Much more interesting than "how's your college application process going?" Especially for the thousandth time.

Consider us on board. Smart thinking, Arianna.

What's the most obnoxious question you encounter during the holidays?



Image via Arianna Simon

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