12 Best Bras for Tweens & Teens

Suzee Skwiot | Feb 12, 2015 Tweens & Teens
12 Best Bras for Tweens & Teens

woman shopping for brasThe time has finally come. Your little girl is growing up and is asking for her first bra. Now after the shock has worn off and you're done reminiscing for the younger days, it's time to buckle down and get to shopping. Between colors, sizes, fits, cuts, and padding, there are overwhelming options when it comes to buying your daughter's first bra.

But lucky for you, we've narrowed down the best bras you can buy your teen daughter. From the brand new camis and bralettes to tasteful padded cups, you have your choice of fun, appropriate selections.

best bras for teensHas your daughter asked for her first bra? Did you get one like #5?


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