18-Year-Old Saira Blair Becomes Youngest State Lawmaker in the Country (VIDEO)

Saira BlairFor some teenagers, the freshman year of college is time to finally break free of their parents' rules and par-tay. Not Saira Blair. The 18-year-old freshman at West Virginia University just became America's youngest state lawmaker -- and she ran much of her campaign out of her dorm room.

The Republican beat Democrat Layne Diehl, garnering 63 percent of the vote to the 44-year-old attorney's 30 percent. Not bad for a kid who only got the right to vote on July 11. Not bad for a kid in a generation often called out for spending too much time on their smartphones and not enough time gaining smarts.


In her campaign, Blair talked about her youth as an asset, and when you consider the way much of society bemoans "kids these days" and blames millennials for being particular apathetic and irresponsible, it's nice to see the electorate didn't discount her for it. Even though she was 17 during the primaries!

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In fact, the delegate-elect, whose father is a state senator, pointed out in an interview with Teen Vogue earlier this year that the older generation of politicians wasn't doing anything for the youth -- and it's hurt her state as a whole:

I don't see how I could possibly hurt anything by being young and coming in with a fresh perspective. West Virginia's population hasn't grown since 1980, and if we continue to stay where we are, we're not going to keep young people in the state.

Sometimes kids really do know more than the grownups!

Check this girl out:

Would you let your child run for public office? How old would they have to be for you to encourage them?


Image via Fox News

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