12 'Sweet 16' Birthday Cakes Gone Horribly Wrong

12 'Sweet 16' Birthday Cakes Gone Horribly Wrong

sweet 16 cake failIt's a right of passage for every teen: their 16th birthday. They're about to get their driver's license, and if you're feeling especially generous, that newly minted 16-year-old might be gifted with a new car. Hey, a kid can dream! At the very least, they get a great cake. Or, if you're one of these lucky recipients, one of the best (read: worst) sweet 16 cake fails.

They're inappropriate, horribly awkward, and possibly just plain incorrect, but it'll be 'grammed by every single other high schooler who attends the party.

Take a look at the worst sweet 16 cake fails and go ahead and order just a simple sheet cake. Better safe than sorry.

OMG! How did parents think #3 would be OK?!



Image via cakewrecks.com


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