'Slutty' Girls vs. Sexist Boys: Why Schools Have Dress Codes All Wrong (PHOTO)

teenage girl shortsPop quiz: do you think girls should be sent home from school if their clothing choices that day are "distracting" the boys? Plenty of school districts have mandates of this type. Everything from leggings to tank tops are verboten for the sole reason that a girl wearing them may get her male classmates hot and bothered. But writer Kim Katrin Milan has stirred up a debate with a photo about the message sent to girls when they're sent home from school for wearing "provocative" clothing.

Those girls, Milan says, are being told that their education is less important than a "distraction-free" environment for boys. But there's more. Check out her viral photo:


It's an interesting, and rarely discussed twist on the age old dress code debate.

But is it right? Should the focus be on letting girls stay in school or on making sure BOTH boys and girls are held to equal standards in order to ensure fairness?

What do you think the answer is here?


Image © iStock.com/Balazs Kovacs

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