35 Teen Sayings Explained -- ​So You Know What the Heck They're Talking About

mom talking to teensWant to feel old? Spend five minutes with a teenager -- or hop on their Facebook page -- and try to make sense of what they're saying. Between the sentences ending in "doe" -- or is it "tho"? -- and the references to their "bae," today's kids often seem like they're speaking another language.

In a way they are. Every generation has its own jargon. Remember "yadda, yadda, yadda," "bite me," or "chill"?

But to save you a lot of confusion -- not to mention embarrassment -- when talking to your teenager and their friends, The Stir asked a group of teens to give us a guide to how to talk today's teen. You're welcome (we think).


1. Bye Felicia -- A dismissal. From the movie Friday, it's generally a response to someone who says they're leaving to indicate you don't care that they're going.

2. Ending sentences with "tho" or "doe" -- Despite everything. Essentially, it's a way of saying something "makes up for" something else (example: She's not nice. But that smile, doe.).

3. Bae -- Before anything else, or another way of referring to your significant other. It was made popular in a song by Pharrell.

4. Bruh -- Another way of saying "bro."

5. Thot -- That ho over there (yes, we're hoping you never hear this one).

6. On fleek -- On point.

7. Basic -- Ordinary, lame.

8. Ratchet -- Gross.

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9. Deuces -- A sarcastic way of saying goodbye.

10. Stank face -- A glaring face (like the one you give them when they bring home an F in calculus).

11. Cake -- Butt.

12. Legit -- Short for legitimate; real.

13. Dope -- Cool.

14. Dat ass -- A large or well-formed butt (typically you hear "dat ass, doe" -- see above).

15. Hella -- Very.

16. Mad -- A lot or very.

17. Sorry not sorry -- A sarcastic apology.

18. Creeper -- A creepy person.

19. Sketch -- Creepy.

20. Turn up -- Go crazy, let loose.

21. Slayed -- Something made you laugh so hard you're dead.

22. I'm not about that life -- How to refer to something you're not into.

23. Can you not? --How to ask someone to stop.

24. Word -- A way to agree to something.

25. I can't even -- Sarcastic way of saying you can't deal with something.

26. Turnt -- Messed up (usually on drugs or alcohol).

27. Sucks to suck -- A sarcastic (sensing a theme here?) response to someone complaining.

28. That gives me a boner (when said by a girl) -- Totally unsexy.

29. I'm good -- A sarcastic version of "no thank you."

30. Grouse -- An adjective for something really amazing (not to be confused with gross!).

31. Throwing shade -- Trash talking.

32. I'm sleeping -- No, they're not snoozing, it just means "this conversation is over.

33. I live for it -- (Direct quote from a teen here) "I love it but more extreme because you would totes die without it."

34. Totes -- Totally.

35. You tweakin' -- Not to be confused with just plain "tweaking" (which refers to using crystal meth), this one means "you're freaking out for no reason."

What phrases are your teens saying all the time?

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