Navy SEAL Dad's Rules for Dating His Daughter Completely Miss the Point

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All parents fear that day. When your child is finally old enough to date, the panic, pressure, and intense stress finally hit you. And dads, especially, seem to take it extra hard when it comes to their daughters. We've seen fathers create song parodies about protecting their daughters, and believe it or not, the DADD (Dads Against Daughters Dating) club actually exists. Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell is the latest dad-of-a-daughter to proudly explain his expectations as his rules for dating his daughter have gone viral.

Luttrell recently took to Facebook to document his stringent and serious rules for any boy brave enough to date his little girl. Sure, she's only 2 years old, but Luttrell is already prepared for that fateful moment. And here's what he had to say to any possible future boyfriends that's getting him a lot of attention:


Yikes. The guy better be ready for some manual labor, intense screening, and all of the supervised meet-ups. Best of luck!

While it seems funny and protective and has clearly gone viral, let's all take a step back and really look at what happens when dads rant on like this about their daughters dating.

Here's the deal, Dad. She's your little girl and you want to keep her safe and protected always. But really, it takes away all of her might.

Instead of toting your shotgun and being flanked by your biggest and baddest buddies, why not just parent her well? Any girl, or child for that matter, who is parented well and given a good example should be able to make good decisions.

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Instead of telling her who she can and cannot date, scaring off any potential gents, or physically making him pass all of the pre-described rules, just set a good example. Be a kind, respectful, moral figure in her life, and when it comes to dating, she'll look for the same.

There'll be no reason to put the future suitor in the eye of the storm. Literally. Poor kid is expected to bottle up a hurricane? Yowza.

Even research supports it. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Peer and Social Psychology shows that girls who have strong male parental influences are less likely to make risky sexual decisions. They tend to wait longer to have sex, they have safe sex, and they form healthy friendships and sexual relationships. On top of that, another study proved that women who have a positive and strong father-daughter relationship have higher self-esteem and are more social in school. But it can also go too far. Get this: if a father is too overprotective, a girl's self-esteem plummets. So listen up, dads!

We've seen plenty of dads proudly stake claim on the situation. But a chastity belt? Joke or not, how does that teach her to make responsible choices? All it does is show her that she is not in charge of her own body. It's either her father (who overbearingly holds her proverbial key) or her husband, who will be gifted with it.

As hard as it may be to realize and admit, in the end, it's her choice. So dads, and moms, accept that these decisions belong to her. Raise her well, set a good example, be there, be loving, and most of all, respect her. And trust that she'll make the right choice. The rest is up to her.

What do you think of these "rules"?


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