Teen Football Player's Epic Speech Is Now a Song -- And It's Catchy! (VIDEO)

Apollos Hester is a name you probably didn't know this time last week. But the high school footballer gave an incredibly powerful interview after a come-from-behind win that made him a viral sensation ... and now you can sing along!

The Gregory Brothers gave Hester's words the auto-tune treatment and -- voila! -- a catchy tune called "Scoreboard" is suddenly everywhere. Seriously, the beat is so infectious that even your teen will be singing the chorus by the end (give it a spin on the car ride home, mama deejay). You must give it a listen.


Here's the amazingly inspirational "Scoreboard" song:

Can we give this kid a talk show? Like ... now?

Love him!

Apollos Hester is proof that some teens drink the mom/dad/coach Kool-Aid. Teenagers are more than capable of a hello grunt. And they probably don't ignore everything you say. There's hope for all of us, moms!

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Wow ... this Texas teen carries quite the weight on his shoulder pads. He not only motivates his teammates, but also millions of us replaying his "Scoreboard" song. He even has moms looking at their own teens in a new light. Put your speech in the W column, Apollos!

What do you think of the "Scoreboard" song?

Image via The Gregory Brothers

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