Homecoming Queen Gives Away Her Crown to Someone More Deserving

Being voted homecoming queen is every teen's dream ... only when Anahi Alvarez was granted that title at Grand Prairie High School in Texas last Friday, she didn't bask in the glory. Instead, she handed the crown to her friend, Lillian Skinner.

Why would any high schooler in her right mind pass on such an honor? Because in the days leading up to the event, a group of mean girls had allegedly bullied Skinner, playing a prank by informing her that she'd been nominated for homecoming court. Only she hadn't ... ouch! So when Skinner's friend Alvarez heard what had happened, she and another queen nominee, Naomi Martinez, came up with a plan: If either of them won the crown, they'd hand it to Skinner.


So when Anahi was picked as the queen on the big day, the audience filling the football stadium was thrown for a loop when the announcer on loudspeaker revealed a change in plans: "Anahi is honoring a very hard-working senior with her crown. We would like to announce Lillian Skinner; please step up and receive this honor."

Skinner, who was on the sidelines taking photos of the ceremony for the school newspaper, was blown away -- not so much by clinching the crown, but by her two friends' selfless gesture.

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And to be honest, I'm blown away, too. In most high schools, pretty, popular girls don't deign to fraternize with regular kids; to hand over a homecoming crown is almost inconceivable. But that's EXACTLY how parents should be raising their teenagers to wield their popularity: to spread some happiness to those whose high school experiences aren't as dreamy as their own.

If parents raise their kids right, hopefully more homecoming queens like this -- and kind acts by high schoolers in general -- will crop up in the future. One can hope. They'd make high school a much happier place.

Is it the responsibility of popular kids to help less fortunate students?


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