Kid Takes 'Unique' Senior Portraits to a Whole New Level With Cats & Lasers (PHOTO)

A senior portrait featuring a dapper young man, his purrfectly content cat, and a pink-and-blue-straight-out-of-the-'80s laser background. What's so wrong with that? According to Schenectady High School in New York, the answer is ... uh, his loving tribute to his feline BFF may not be senior portrait-worthy. 

Draven Rodriguez is petitioning school officials to use his laser cat photo as his senior portrait. School officials thus far say it can be included in the yearbook, but not as his graduation photo. Rodriguez launched a campaign to fight for his right for fluffy ... and it's gone viral. 


Rodriguez set a goal of 500 signatures to try to force the school to let him use his unique senior portrait by its yearbook deadline. As of this morning, it has already collected 3,600 signatures ... and counting.

Why is everyone supporting this kid? All high schools have specific rules and regulations when it comes to yearbook photos. Personally, the fact that they don't make you rely on their photographers anymore deserves applause. A real pro could have talked me out of my electric blue eyeliner and Silver City Pink lipstick senior portrait choices (my Bon Jovi-inspired hair would have stayed no matter what). Just sayin'.

High school is all about personal growth. Thinking back, I know I could have never been as bold and confident to submit a photo like man-cat. I think that's why we're all so crazy about this kid. We want to support someone who dares to be different during a time in life when most people want to be the same.

Do you think personal choice should win when it comes to choosing a senior portrait so long as it's not obscene? Or do you believe schools should require students to submit similar photos so it doesn't become a competition to one-up each other? It's really a tough call ... but I vote for the former.

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Kids go off to college or "the real world" after high school. They are no longer uniform when they take that leap. They need to figure out who they are ... and if they already know in high school, good for them. We shouldn't stifle creativity. Individuality should always be encouraged. 

In the "selfie" generation, photos are the epitome of self-expression. And senior pictures should not be the exception.

Do you think students should be allowed to choose their senior portraits (within reason)?


Images via © Hero Images/Corbis; Vincent Giordano/Trinacria Photography

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