Kids From Ferguson Have a Lot to Say About Racism -- Listen Up! (VIDEO)​

There's a video about racism that's generating buzz ... and it is definitely worth watching. Six (cute, witty, articulate) kids from Ferguson, Missouri, "armed with only statistics" tell it like it is to be black in America. And it's not pretty.

The kids are reportedly from the same block where 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed or, as they describe, where a "white police shot an unarmed black teen in the face ... it was a national disgrace." They go on to mock statements white people allegedly say to pretend racism doesn't exist: "Some of my best friends are black"; "I don't see color"; and "You people are just playing the race card."

You have to check it out.


Here's the video. You won't be the same after you watch it.

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Powerful, huh? I think I have watched it five times already. It's sad little kids have to relay these statistics, stereotypes, and raw emotions in 2014, but it is the reality of being a black child in America. Watching these children convey such ugly truths about racism is transformative. They're just starting out in life, and this is what they see? Heartbreaking.

What do you think about the video?

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