The #1 Reason to Send Your Kid to College

college fundI've just learned that I don't have to exercise daily or finally figure out how to run without getting a pain in my side to live a longer life. All I have to do is get my kids to go to college. This is all for selfish reasons, of course. In fact, I have to figure out how to get my kids to go to college for way longer than the four, five, or six years they typically do and have them invest in maybe a decade or so in order to up my life expectancy.

A study has revealed that parents whose kids go to college live longer. The kids' college fund just got a bigger jar because this is an investment with extra benefits.


The research is huge, in research terms. It says that if your kids are college graduates, you will live two years longer than if your kids didn't get that degree. And I mentioned running before because those who were a part of this study said that sending your kid to University was the equivalent of running every day in extra life years. Thank goodness, because I hate running. I'll take all that money that would be spent on running shoes and fancy bottles of water or whatever runners use and put it in the college fund. My key to a longer life.

I would imagine that this is because once your kid graduates from college, there is a huge stress lifted. You think, they can survive in this big bad world without constantly borrowing money from me. (We all know that this isn't exactly true because ... well ... be honest, you're never too old to "borrow" money from your parents. Even if it's just a buck. Or a paid for lunch. Even when they don't have any money to borrow.) Once you know your kid can make their own money and get a good job with security, all that lifted stress can magically add years to your life. Stress is evil and the root of ailments, in many cases. Or at least, quite the booster to bad health. No one wants to be stressed. That's why so many of us love long walks alone and yoga. But there is more to it.

It seems, so says the authors of the study, that college grad kids are the ones making sure their parents take care of themselves -- doctor check-ups, preventative care, eating right, jogging, doing yoga ... all that stuff that does a body good, which in turn ups the age on how long you will live.

So maybe I don't have to run every day to live longer. But I do have to do something. I just have to make sure my kids go to college. But now that I know this little "secret," can't I just remind myself to do all those things no matter what? (This includes taking ginkgo or whatever the memory vitamin of choice is these days.) Nah. I'll leave it to my kids. I'll set them up for college the best I can, and hope that because I've taken such good care of them during their early years, they will do the same for me when I'm old.

What do you think of this study? Agree? Is college a must for your kids?


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