Hiring a Drug Dog to Check Your Kid's Room Is Just Smart Parenting​

police dogListen up, parents! If you've ever wanted to know whether or not your teen is smuggling some illegal substances in the house or want to track down your child's stash, here's your chance. You can now hire a drug sniffing dog to visit your home and uncover any narcotics that might be hidden.

Ron Robichaud, a former dog trainer and the founder of Discreet Intervention, is making headlines this week for his offer to come to your home with his trusted dog, Ben, to locate drugs your child may be hiding. Just prepare yourself for what Ben might find.


But while you may have this seemingly handy resource essentially at your fingertips, the question every parent is probably asking right now is .... should I?

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Here's the deal: it's your home. As rebellious and unruly as your teen may be, they have to understand that. Living at home comes with rules. If narcotics don't fall on your list of "approved items," and if you are genuinely concerned about your child's health and have valid reasons to be suspicious, this is definitely a reasonable option.

All a drug dog can do is narrow down your search. The rest is up to you. However you want to proceed with the information that the team may (or even may not) find can be decided later. It's possible that your suspicions will be confirmed or possibly denied, but it might be better to know for sure. Plus, if he finds something, the real conversation can begin.

If he doesn't? Your teen never has to know.

Either way, the best option is just to know for sure, isn't it?

Would you ever hire one of these dogs?


Image via Andre Gustavo Stumpf/Flickr

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