Ban on Sagging Pants Is a Win for Moms Everywhere​

kids with their pants sagging underwear showingAny mom who ever pleaded with her son to pull up his pants and quit flashing everyone his underwear may start wishing she could pack up her family and move to Ocala, Florida! The city council there voted unanimously earlier this week to approve an ordinance that will ban sagging pants. No really! It will officially prohibit anyone on city-owned or leased property (i.e., sidewalks, streets, parks, rec and public transportation facilities, etc.) from wearing pants two inches below their natural waist.

The ordinance will apply to both genders and all races, according to Councilwoman Mary Rich, who has been pushing for this since 2009. And get this -- it's punishable by jail time and a $500 fine. Yeesh.

As harsh as that sounds, this will surely come as a relief to moms with boys whose underwear has been perpetually hanging out!


Talk about validation for moms! The city council actually wants to make a law to enforce something that parents have been trying to do themselves. The local government has parents' backs and want kids to dress and walk around like upstanding citizens of the world. They're setting a standard of decency moms have been shooting for and encouraging their kids to follow for years. Surely, to many parents, it's about time!

As the old adage goes, you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have, right? So not being legally allowed to walk around with your underwear hanging out may actually have a really positive downstream upshot for kids in Ocala. And if other cities are inspired by the passing of this ordinance, perhaps it'll have a wider-sweeping effect -- for moms and kids -- as well.

Do you wish your town would pass a similar ordinance?

Image via malingering/Flickr

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