Dad's Response to 'Rude' Song Is As Disturbing As the Original (VIDEO)

father and daughterBefore this week, the song "Rude" by Canadian band Magic was just a catchy tune playing on the radio in my car as I shuffled my daughter from one summer vacation moment to the next. Then a father named Benji Cowart decided to respond to "Rude" with his own version in a viral video being hailed as a "perfect" response to the song about a young man asking for a girl's hand in marriage only to be turned down by her dad. The father of one 11-year-old girl has had everyone from morning TV hosts to Internet writers fawning over him for his "adorable parody."

To everyone who has "liked" and "shared" Cowart's video, I have one question: are we listening to the same song?


When I listen to this father, I don't hear an anthem of proud fatherhood. I hear a man who is just as misguided as the members of Magic about girls and the power they have over their own life decisions.

Take this sample lyric from Cowart's parody:

If you marry her anyway/marry that girl/I’m gonna punch your face.

Wow, so if his daughter makes a decision he disagrees with, his first response is to get violent? And this is society's version of "adorable"?

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As the mother of a daughter, Cowart's song makes me cringe. And the pats on the back he's getting at every turn make me that much more uncomfortable about my little girl's future in our patriarchal society. How can I tell her that she will be able to go off and be who it is she wants to be when society is telling her that her Daddy still calls the shots?

When society is telling her that one of the biggest life decisions she can make is still subject to a man's approval?

I'll give Cowart this -- he finally made me listen to the lyrics of both songs after weeks of the original barely registering as I drove around, and I find them both abhorrent.

The Magic tune is misogynist in its own right. Just look at the lyrics:

Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes.

No, young man, you can't "have" a girl. She is a person. No one gets to own her -- not her father, and not you.

That Magic has cloaked their objectification of women in catchy guitar riffs doesn't soften the blow of their chauvinistic attitudes.

But Cowart's version is perhaps more troubling, as is the widespread acceptance of its message. His instant response to the notion that his wishes for his daughter might be ignored is not to talk wistfully about watching our kids grow up and change. That's what a good dad of a little girl would do, but no, that's not what Cowart's song is about. Cowart has chosen, instead, to thump his chest in true caveman fashion and issue a violent challenge to the other man who dares sniff around his "property."

Someone needs to invite this dad to the 21st century ... for his daughter's sake. 

Watch Cowart's video below -- do you find it "cute" or "cringe-worthy"?



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