Girl Sends Nude Selfie to Her Dad & Makes Every Mom Cringe

This story makes the teen in me (even though I'm so past being a teen) cringe in horror and the mom in me wince in terror. A college student named Nyjah, who posts on Twitter under the moniker @dearfashionn, accidentally texted a nude photo of herself to her DAD instead of to her boyfriend.

Did you just flash back to when you were a reckless college kid? Or, even worse, are you thinking about what your own college or high school kids are up to?? Well, as you might expect, Nyjah's dad did not simply shrug off the mistake and laugh about it like some cool TV dad who knows he has to come to terms with the fact that his baby is all grown up. No, no, this dad texted her back ... again and again and again ... before showing up at her doorstep to, presumably, ground her for life -- if it's even possible to do that to a college kid.


Once she realized her huge mistake, Nyjah, who has gained a whole lot of Twitter and Instagram followers since revealing this happened to her, turned to Twitter to find out if there was any way she could stop the picture from being delivered to her dad.

There wasn't.

The next thing she knew, she began receiving a barrage of angry texts from daddy. There was this one:

And then the one where he dropped the awful "D" word:

Can you blame him?!

I can't say for sure what my husband would do if my daughter accidentally sent him a nude selfie -- probably cry, pretend the wall was her boyfriend, and punch a hole in it? If this text came to me -- assuming my daughter was AT LEAST 18 and in college -- I'd like to think I'd be a cool mom. That I would sit down with her and explain how STUPID it is to send these photos because they then become public property and can be shared over and over again.

I'd print out stories for her to read about other teens who have had their revealing pictures shared and even posted online. I'd hope she would have the sense to understand that something like this could ruin her life. I'd try and remember that technology makes being a young person a very different experience these days.

But yeah, I'd be pretty upset and disappointed -- just like Nyjah's dad. I mean, I'm realistic. I know my children are going to become sexually active one day -- but I certainly don't need a text to prove it!

What's the worst thing your teen ever texted you? How would you react if this happened to you?


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