Musician Records Dying Kids' Heartbeats & Makes Songs for Parents (VIDEO)

stethoscope laptopThere is no greater grief or horror for parents than the loss of a child. But one musical therapist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is helping parents cope with their loss by commemorating their children in song. Brian Schreck, who has been working with parents and their sick children, records the child's heartbeat and later sets it to their favorite music, leaving their parents with a beautiful tune that they can enjoy forever.

The lovely beat of the heart, set alongside a calm composition, is a simple melody, but one that parents will appreciate. Margaret and Jeremy Bennett lost their son, Dylan, earlier this year. Schreck recorded Dylan's heartbeat while he was in the intensive care unit and later gifted the parents with the music:


"I can listen to his heartbeat whenever I choose to," said Dylan's father, and perhaps perfectly summarized the amazing work that Schreck is doing. Although the parents have lost their children, they can turn on the song and be immediately reminded of the wonderful times they shared.

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What a beautiful thing! And a good reminder what a kind gesture and small gift can mean to parents at a time like this.

Do you know someone who has lost a child? What comforted them in their grief?


Image via jfcherry/Flickr

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