The 'Period Poem' Every Mom Should Share With Her Daughter (VIDEO)

dominique christinaJust as we constantly hear the phrase "like a girl" used in a derogatory way, we're typically conditioned from the time we're tweens to think of our period as an annoyance, "gross," embarrassing, a part of our bodies that must be dealt with only behind closed doors. If you must talk about menstruation, you whisper and employ euphemisms like "that time of the month" or "Aunt Flo." No wonder girls feel compelled to follow these unofficial rules, when women are being shamed for their monthly cycle.

But author and slam poet Dominique Christina wasn't having it. In response to a now notorious male Twitter user's period shaming, she wrote "The Period Poem" for her 13-year-old daughter, explaining why she should be proud of her body's innate abilities. Check out the amazing video of her performance ...


Wow, right? "Magic, moonlight, and macabre!" Brilliant! It is so important for moms to drive home this very message to their daughters. That their period isn't something to be feared or grossed out by, but something to be celebrated. That it makes them strong, intuitive, powerful, and warriors! That it's just one part of our body's magic and ability to create life. Pretty mesmerizing, really, when you think about it.

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Sure, every mom has a different way of explaining that to their daughters -- and their sons, too! We're not all slam poets. But we can all take away from Dominique that this subject is nothing to shy away from. Because until we change the conversation, there's always going to be some "dummy on Twitter." And what mom wouldn't love to see their daughters' period-shamers silenced once and for all?

What have you told your daughter about her period?


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