Boy's Death From 'Caffeine Overdose' Is a Scary Warning for Parents


There is some very sad news out of Ohio this week. It has been determined that 18-year-old boy named Logan Stiner died after ingesting a toxic amount of caffeine, which he took in the form of a powder back in May.

He basically overdosed on the powder. It caused him to have a seizure and cardiac arrhythmia, according to Lorain County Coroner Steven Evans. Stiner had been found unresponsive by his brother at his home and was pronounced dead on the scene.


How the boy managed to acquire the powder is unknown, but it can be purchased online and is becoming a popular substance among teenagers. Evans says it is typically mixed with water or soda, and 1/16 of a teaspoon of the powder is equivalent to drinking a can of Mountain Dew or other similar beverage.

I may not be the parent of a teenager yet, but I had no idea that caffeine is available in powder form, as I'm sure most parents are very unaware. But when I did a Google search for "caffeine powder," I was amazed at how many sites popped up selling it, proving just how easy it is for teens to order this dangerous substance.

Of all the things we worry about possibly harming our teenagers, did the thought of caffeine being a danger ever cross your mind?

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All parents worry about their children getting involved with drugs and/or alcohol. We constantly remind our teens to be responsible and stay away from illegal substances. But since caffeine is found in plenty of different beverages, teenagers probably do not even realize they are taking in something that could potentially harm them, which makes this stuff even scarier. 

Logan Stiner is described as being a "top student, top athlete, and a great kid," and it's just so sad to think that his life was cut short by something like this. His tragic death should serve as a warning to all parents to talk to their children about the dangers of caffeine powder. Hopefully we don't hear about another teen losing his/her life to something they might not realize is capable of killing them.

Have you ever heard of caffeine powder?


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