Mom Gets Sweet Revenge on Girl Who Fakes Getting Her Period (VIDEO)

Hello FloYou've got to hand it to the folks over at Hello Flo. The tampon delivery service has a way of getting people talking about getting your period. A LOT of people. And their latest ad, dubbed the First Moon Party, has gone viral, people are talking about it in a whole new way.

Think menstruation is the pits? Funny thing about that ... kids don't! As this ad shows, some young girls are so excited about getting their period, they'll even lie to make people think "that time" is here:




But here's the other thing worth taking from the Hello Flo commercial: girls have plenty of time to learn that your monthly bleed isn't all sisterhood of the traveling maxi pads. This girl actually wanted to get her period! She WANTED to join in on all the "fun!" At least, up until her mom got her back for lying by airing her dirty panties to the whole 'hood.

Sends you back to your tween years, doesn't it? When you weren't an old cynic and actually looked forward to growing up?

So, ladies, take away here: if your daughter is excited about the idea of her body changing and joining the "big girls," by all means, help her celebrate! Let her feel special! Don't burst her bubble!

But don't get too carried away ... Grandpa can stay in the dark on her menstrual cycle.

Was your daughter excited to get her period? How did you talk to her about it?


Image via Hello Flo

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