Dad's 'Rules for Dating My Daughter' Are the First to Get It Right (PHOTO)​

dadWe've all seen the images, applications, and shirts that depict the "rules" (or mere thoughts) dads have for boys who want to date their teenage daughters. For the most part, they're funny and meant as a joke (well, kind of), but they're often cliche, a little random, and all about the dad. But one father recently posted a photo of his rules for dating his daughter on Facebook, and the sentiments couldn't be more sweet or original.

Check out this "feminist father's" fantastic shirt that's, yes, gone viral.


feminist father

Love it. When it comes to the subject of their teenage daughters starting to date, so often dads, and moms, have rules that are more scare tactics and geared toward what they want, as opposed to what their daughters want. Of course, as parents, it's our job to ensure our kids are safe and well-guided, but it's important to keep in mind that they certainly have a say when it comes to sex and dating since, like the shirt says, it's their bodies. Sure, it's a little bit about our wishes for our kids, because we obviously want the best for them, but also -- it's a lot about theirs.

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Hopefully, this awesome set of "rules" will inspire other parents to have a similar mindset and remember that it's not all about them when it comes to their sweet daughters dating. Of course, nothing is more important than keeping our children safe, but keeping in mind that our daughters are people too can go a long way.

What do you think of this shirt compared to the other "rules for dating my daughter" shirts out there?


Image via © Reality Check/Facebook

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