High School Teachers Share the Wackiest Things Kids Have Done in Class (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Jun 20, 2014 Tweens & Teens

kids at a desk in classOn their worst days, teens can be rebellious, sullen, fiercely independent, or just plain awkward. But they're also still kids, trying to figure out who they are, and sometimes acting in mind-boggling, hilarious ways as a result. High school teachers know this fact intimately. It's something they'll tell you keeps their jobs as educators both interesting and challenging! Thankfully, they also get a kick out of their students' wacky moves from time-to-time.

Here, high school teachers reveal the craziest, boldest, most jaw-dropping thing their students have ever done in class ...

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What's the craziest thing your teen -- or one of their friends, maybe -- has ever done in class?

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  • Pass/Fail


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    "I was giving a geometry test, and one of the students finished before everybody else. He went up to the table at the center of the room where he was supposed to place his finished exam, and he did. But when he got back to his seat, he pulled out notebook paper, wrote a couple of words on it, and ripped the paper in half. I was at my desk in the corner, so I didn't really know what he was doing. Next thing I know, he walked back up to the front of the room, placed the two halves of paper on either side of the table, and placed his test under one of those papers. Now, I was confused. I had to figure out what he was doing. So I went to look at the table. On the ripped halves of paper, he had written "PASS" and "FAIL" ... and he had placed his exam under the word PASS. I was amused. Didn't think much of it. Went back to my desk. A few minutes later, another student walks up to the table. And I watched as her eyes darted back and forth ... and back and forth ... until she finally looked at me with a puppy-dog face, sighed, and placed her exam under FAIL. At that point, I just let everyone else self-segregate. Turns out they did a pretty good job of identifying which pile their test belonged to!"

  • The Ankle Fetishist


    Image via Kristine Heiting

    "I teach choir and help direct our pretty big school musicals. I just found out that one of my students, an incredible dancer, thinks I have the most beautiful ankles and is jealous of their appearance and apparent flexibility. So much so that she Snapchatted another dancer friend the attached picture of my ankles during class! So ridiculous, hilarious, and weird. I love love love high schoolers. And I, of course, had no idea I had even remotely nice ankles!"

  • Drinking the Kool-Aid


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    "My students were supposed to be taking notes in class, and I walked by one who happened to be doodling ... this Kool-Aid Man. I laughed out loud, and then, told her to pay attention or leave. She then asked if she should use the door or bust through the wall. I laughed and didn't kick her out."

  • Language Barrier


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    "A ninth grader switched from English to Korean in the middle of her math Power Point presentation just to annoy me. ... She got an A."

  • 'The Love'


    Image via submitted photo

    "Came across this gem while grading Gatsby study guides. I left the 'Additional Notes' section for F. Scott Fitzgerald info, but this kid decided to write a ... poem about 'four chicken wings'? I have no words."

  • Scantron Message


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    You'll want to look at this Scantron sideways from left to right. "Ah, the joys of teaching ... The name and ID # are blacked out to protect the identity of this future leader of America. But I must admit, it made me laugh, and I'm rather impressed by his attention to detail!"

  • Honesty = Virtue?


    Image via submitted photo

    "Hey, the kid gets an A for honesty!"

  • 'Do Not Write on This Booklet'


    Image via submitted photo

    "Ah, the joys of teaching 16-17 year old boys."


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