​14 Must-See Prom Outfits ... Made From Tape (PHOTOS)

duck tape prom dressBuying prom dresses and renting tuxes is a prom tradition. But why stick with the conventional garb and regular corsages when the kids can make everything just a little bit different ... with Duck Tape.

That's right. As part of their annual "Stuck at Prom" contest, Duck Tape is calling out all the best duct tape-designed prom outfits from this year. Whether the couples' costumes have strips of tape, are fashioned into inventive shapes, or feature intricately detailed designs, today's kids are forgoing the trip to the mall with Mom and getting more and more creative with their ensembles.

Check out the absolute best Duck Tape prom dresses and suits from these creative kids!


Can you believe number 12?!

Image via Duck Brand

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