​14 Must-See Prom Outfits ... Made From Tape (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Jun 18, 2014 Tweens & Teens
​14 Must-See Prom Outfits ... Made From Tape (PHOTOS)

duck tape prom dressBuying prom dresses and renting tuxes is a prom tradition. But why stick with the conventional garb and regular corsages when the kids can make everything just a little bit different ... with Duck Tape.

That's right. As part of their annual "Stuck at Prom" contest, Duck Tape is calling out all the best duct tape-designed prom outfits from this year. Whether the couples' costumes have strips of tape, are fashioned into inventive shapes, or feature intricately detailed designs, today's kids are forgoing the trip to the mall with Mom and getting more and more creative with their ensembles.

Check out the absolute best Duck Tape prom dresses and suits from these creative kids!

Can you believe number 12?!

Image via Duck Brand

  • Celebrating the Elements


    Image via Duck Brand

    Between the two of them, the brother and sister duo have all the elements covered: earth, fire, water, and air. There are flames, flowers, leaves, and grass, as well as wind gusts and feathers. Impressive!

  • Figure Skating


    Image via Duck Brand

    Inspired by the style and movement of figure skaters (check out the swirls on the vest and the fluidity of the dress), the couple took black, gold, and electric blue colors to create the look. Plus, her skirt is detachable so that's pretty phenomenal.

  • Rising Like a Phoenix


    Image via Duck Brand

    The phoenix, rising from the ashes, is the central theme of this costume. Seriously, the details are beyond intricate. And the face stickers add a nice touch.

  • Flamenco


    Image via Duck Brand

    The tiers on the skirt of the dress give the entire ensemble life. But the 3D detailing with the gold tape give it even more shape.

  • Victorian Fairy Tale


    Image via Duck Brand

    The steam-punk theme looks like it could totally fit in to any Brothers Grimm fairy tale, doesn't it?

  • Life in Color


    Image via Duck Brand

    While it's a cross between the rainbow and traditional Scottish attire, the entire dress is made up of Duck Tape flowers (didn't know that was a thing, did you?), and the suit has the customary kilt. All from tape, naturally.

  • The Great Gatsby


    Image via Duck Brand

    With only two tape colors (black and gold), the 1920s-inspired getup was perfect for the duo's The Great Gatsby prom theme. The flapper-style dress of last century was given a modern twist though -- the couple used glow-in-the-dark tape to light up the outfits!

  • USA


    Image via Duck Brand

    If you have red, white, and blue Duck Tape, you've got yourself a super American prom getup. With the military suit, the rose details, and the stars and stripes, the couple is clearly patriotic.

  • Garden Party


    Image via Duck Brand

    Somehow, these two ladies managed to make duct tape delicate by constructing it into lace. The dresses have corsets, three different layers of skirt, and there are even parasols.

  • A Starry Night


    Image via Duck Brand

    Between the blue suit and the small tulip-like petals on the bodice and skirt of the dress, the couple definitely embodied their prom's theme: A Starry Night.

  • Galaxy


    Image via Duck Brand

    The all-purple design does have one very specific theme: if you look closely, you'll see all the small, intricate stars and galaxy patterns on the skirt and shirt.

  • Old Meets New


    Image via Duck Brand

    The winners of last year's contest had two things: a timeless theme and some very intricate detailing. Between the corset-like bodice and the swirly details on both the lapels and the skirt, they tied everything together with the vine-and-flower pattern.

  • On Fire


    Image via Duck Brand

    The flamin' hot look uses all the colors of a flame: red, orange, yellow, gold, and blue. Plus, the gentleman's all-black suit with a splash of colors on the shirt complements the ladylike getup.

  • The Butterflies Are Here


    Image via Duck Brand

    In case you missed it: there are butterflies everywhere! On the skirt, the shoulders, and the shoes.

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