Crude Joke at School Event Gets Teacher in Big Trouble

If anyone should be considered an expert when it comes to teenagers, it's a high school teacher. And most set wonderful examples for our young adults. But then there are some, like one drama teacher in Washington, who thought it would be a great idea to allow dirty jokes to be told and sex toys to be used as props onstage at an end-of-the-year drama club awards ceremony. 

Teacher Teri Grimes, who is 62, issued a formal apology after parents were outraged at how she organized a stage event at Bellingham High School involving inappropriate jokes about child molestation and actual sex toys.


At one point, the following joke involving a teacher, priest, and lawyer on an airplane was told in front of an audience of parents:

"The plane was going down and the teacher says, 'We have to save the children!' The attorney says, 'F*** the children!' And the priest says, 'OOOH ... Do we have time for that???'"

One parent claims profanity was used throughout the ceremony and that one of the award categories was "the horniest stud," for which the award given out was a sex toy.

Great teachers have always used humor to connect with their kids. And sometimes it's difficult to know where to draw the line because teens so badly want to be treated as adults that they often initiate age-inappropriate discussions. But they aren't to blame if teachers decide to roll with their punches and tell their own dirty jokes or share info about their private love lives or encourage them to continue chatting about adult topics like sex.

Anyone who deals with teens on a regular basis knows there are times when they make you feel like you're shooting the breeze with an adult. In fact, some teens can be more clued-in to grown-up issues than your average adult. But then, like magic, that same teen morphs into a child again -- one who can't actually deal with adult content. That's just one of the wonderful, odd things about those wacky, amazing adolescent years.

The fact that we seem to live in a world in which everything offends someone else is incredibly annoying, I admit. But some people, including teachers who have been entrusted to have our kids' best interests in mind, seem to be taking matters so far in the opposite direction that we can't help but question their common sense and judgment.

This teacher was wrong for allowing dirty jokes to be told and sexual materials to be used onstage. It makes total sense that authorities have opened an investigation against her. A good rule of thumb for teachers of teens should be: if they wouldn't feel comfortable talking about something in front of little kids, they should keep it to themselves around teens, as well.

Do you think it was okay for this drama teacher to involve students in a performance that included sexual talk and materials?


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