Girl's Revenge on School for Not Letting Her Wear Shorts Goes Viral (VIDEO)

lindsey stockerA teen in Quebec, Canada has come out swinging against her high school administrators, who she says shame female students for their bodies with their dress code. Lindsey Stocker says Beaconsfield High School officials publicly humiliated her when they came into her classroom and said she had to change because her shorts were not long enough. Students were reportedly told to stand up with their arms at their sides and see if their shorts reached their fingertips, and they then told Stocker -- in front of her peers and teacher -- that she had to change. As Stocker explained to The National Post, "When I said no, they said I was making a bad choice. They kept shaking their heads. In front of everybody.”

After the incident, Stocker posted fliers around her school. Check it out:


Good for her! Unfortunately, Stocker’s fliers were promptly taken down, according to CBC News. She was also soon suspended for one day for a variety of infractions, school board chairperson Suzanne Stein Day said. But I'd argue that her parents should still be proud of their daughter for standing up for herself and calling out her school for mishandling her particular situation and the dress code in general.

Although we all want our kids to learn to adhere to certain codes of conduct and respect guidelines, they also need to know that there's such a thing as a bogus rule. Rules that are made to be broken, because they're unfair or enforced in an unjust, hurtful way. What's more, we need to teach our kids to stick up for themselves when the situation calls for it. Even if that means going against what they're told is correct.

Ultimately, Stocker has every right to voice her concern with the way her school is handling their dress code enforcement. And while they may not agree, she's setting a fantastic example for her peers, who should never have to stand for being shamed.

How have you taught your teen to stand up for herself?


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