Eighth Grader Carries Her Injured Twin on Her Back During Track Meet (VIDEO)

Who hasn't fantasized about having a twin sister who reads your mind and is always there for you? This sweet story proves that twins have a special bond that can't be broken. Chloe Gruenke was participating in the Illinois state-level 800-meter dash when she felt a sudden pop and pull in her thigh and fell to the ground. The 13-year-old had a guardian angel though -- her twin sis Claire, who flocked to her side on the track and did the most amazing thing.


Claire, who had already won first place earlier in the day in the 1600-meter run, had also started in the 800-meter dash. She watched as her sister fell down in front of her and then, instinctively, hoisted her up onto her back and carried her the rest of the way!

Claire ran 350 more meters to the finish line and then set Chloe down before passing it so her twin could take the credit for finishing the race. How incredibly sweet is that?

There's no need to wonder whether the other runners will call her actions unfair because the twins came in last place in the race -- and neither gives a hoot. The point was that they didn't give up and when one was down on her luck, the other propelled her to succeed in completing the race.

You can hear what Chloe and Claire had to say in this sweet video clip:

Do you and your sister or brother have a special bond like this?


Image via YouTube

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