Proud Mom Leaves Son a Condom for Date Night (PHOTO)

condoms on shelvesAlthough sex ed in schools continues to be a hot topic of debate, how parents deal with the subject at home is a different story. Some moms have an open dialogue with their kids on the subject, while others prefer to stay mum until asked, and meanwhile, there are moms supplying their teens with condoms in an effort to encourage safe sex.

One illustrated example: A photo of a note a mom supposedly (well, we're not 100 percent sure of its authenticity) wrote for her son, accompanied by a condom that she's encouraging him to use "if things get serious" when his girlfriend comes over. The pic has gone viral, and unsurprisingly, everyone has an opinion on just how advisable this is. Check it out ...



Why shouldn't we ALL be all for this?! Teens have sex. This is not a newsflash to anyone. And yet, a prevailing way of handling the subject is to keep our lips zipped with the hope that silence will encourage kids to keep their pants zipped. Or hoping and keeping our fingers crossed that they'll just figure out how to practice safe sex on their own, from school, or a Google search. But why settle for either of those strategies when you can actually empower them with knowledge and birth control?

Parents can't just assume their kids are going to go pick up their own condoms or birth control pills. Sure, if they're old enough to be having sex, they should be responsible enough to do that. But you never know. And even if they do have birth control at hand, it doesn't hurt to reiterate the extremely important point that if you're going to do it, do it safely, in a way that minimizes risk of disease or unwanted pregnancy.

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And no, arming them with condoms isn't necessarily encouraging them to have sex. A World Health Organization review of studies on sexuality education found that access to counseling and contraceptive services did not encourage earlier or increased sexual activity.

So there you go. It couldn't be more clear that condoms to kids does them more good than harm. For any parent who wants the best for their teen, it's really a no-brainer!

What do you think about this mom's note to her son? Would you or have you ever supplied your child with birth control?


Image via trec_lit/Flickr

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