Some Colleges are Banning Student 'Selfies' at Graduation Ceremony

Teens kids, adults -- and, cough, cough even President Obama -- take selfies everywhere -- from funerals to math class. But some colleges are getting tougher on the practice of posing for your own pics and then posting them to accounts like Instagram by actually banning selfies from graduation. It's an amazing interesting idea, but one you have to question, given everyone's obsession with photos of themselves. Are you asking for too much when you ask young people to keep their phones home on one of the most important days of their lives?


Colleges like Bryant University see this as an issue of keeping "decorum." School officials also argue that the already-lengthy ceremony just becomes an even longer one when students pause to snap pictures of themselves with all of their friends.

At the University of South Florida in Tampa, students are actually being told they could have their degrees withheld if they're caught taking selfies, which sounds extreme to me. And Kent State University is offering a compromise: grads can take selfies in a section of the room called the "Selfie Zone." A nice idea, but how many people are going to be willing to wait in line to take a selfie when they can snap one in three seconds while sitting at their seat?

I agree it would be really nice if students put away their phones for a bit and focused on the moment. But camera phones and selfies are the modern-day equivalent of the traditional camera or video camera. Back in the day, you'd attend an event and there would always be someone there hogging up your view with his Nikon.

These days, for better or worse, there are a lot more opportunities to be annoyed because everyone has a phone. But outright banning selfies is like telling these students they don't have the right to capture a memorable moment in life. Colleges have every right to do so, but I'm afraid their message is going to be lost on most students.

Do you agree with the idea of colleges banning selfies at graduation?


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