Mom Kicked Out of Gym for Teaching Her Kid to Lift Weights

krista grubbsA mom in Palm Harbor, Florida, recently had her membership at an LA Fitness revoked for working out with her 13-year-old son. No need to refresh your computer screen, you read that right the first time. Krista Grubb, a professional fitness trainer, was guiding her son, Mason, when he starting to lift weights. Both Krista and Mason were enjoying themselves; Krista commenting on how she was was excited for Mason "to see the changes in his body that she saw in hers," and Mason talking about how it was "good bonding time" for his mother and him. But their experience was quickly thwarted when Krista went to the gym the following morning and learned that her membership had been revoked for "training people" on the premises.

Training people? Huh. Here, I thought this was just a mom acting like a parent to her kid. Silly me!


By show of hands, how many people engaged in some sort of sport or physical activity with their parents when they were younger or engage in physical activity with their kids now? I can see through my computer screen, a lot of you. Whether it's a boy learning to throw and catch with his father or a girl taking on tennis with her mother, it's a common part of both parenting and childhood. It's what we parents do -- because it's our job (one of many). But does that make us professionals? Sure, Krista is a trainer by trade, but I'm a writer by trade. If I help my daughter with her English homework, am I a tutor? And if I'm teaching her healthy eating habits, am I a nutritionist? If so, I'd like to speak with my manager, because I am woefully underpaid.

When we become parents, we take on a million and one jobs that, technically speaking, exist in the world, but without the pay -- just as our parents did for us when we were young. Professionalizing common aspects of being a mother or father is ridiculous. What does that say about what's become of the family dynamic or the parent-child relationship? Everything isn't business. In fact, when you're a mom or dad, nothing is business. Everything is done out of love and what's best for the kid.

As ridiculous as it is, LA Fitness should have approached Krista and asked her to stop if they were so outraged that she had the audacity to guide her son in his newfound weight training activity. Revoking her membership? Positively ridiculous. Hopefully, Krista and Mason will keep up with their new "bonding time" at home -- where no one will question what they're doing.

Do you think it was right for this woman to have her gym membership revoked?


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