18 Really Wrong Graduation Cakes

Suzee Skwiot | Apr 23, 2018 Tweens & Teens
18 Really Wrong Graduation Cakes

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Graduation season is right around the corner. As the high school and college seniors are wrapping up their studies and getting ready for their next adventures, parents are gearing up for the big event: the graduation party. Sending out the invites, checking the guest list, and planning the food are all top of mind. But the centerpiece of the party, aside from the actual graduate, of course, is ... the congratulatory graduation cake. 

In order to celebrate the grad's completion of school, after years of studying hard, and to show the grad just how proud everyone is of his or her academic accomplishments, friends and family usually order or make the perfect graduation cake. It's a simple thing, really. We throw a party and eat cake together to recognize a job well done. High school and college graduations are certainly wonderful milestones we all hope our kids will reach in their lives. 

In fact, the cake should be the easy part of the whole celebration. But sadly, these graduation cakes are not perfectly planned and executed graduation cakes. Nope. These cakes are misspelled, underwhelming, completely inappropriate ... and well, completely hilarious! 

So in honor of this year's graduates everywhere, here are 18 of the funniest and most cringe-worthy graduation cake mishaps.

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