Teacher Takes Out Red Pen & Goes to Town on Student's Angry Letter (PHOTO)​

red penThe absolute best way to contend with unruly teens is up for debate, but one high school English teacher certainly presented a pretty good case for handling one of his students with the power of a red pen. According to a post on Reddit that has now gone viral, a senior at a high school called McKinley posted a letter to their teacher's door. The message was laced with profanities galore and meant to relay that the student, taking it upon him or herself to speak on behalf of their fellow students as well, was fed up with the teacher. Expletive, expletive!

While we don't know if the student got sent to detention or suspended as a result, what we do know is that the teacher did at least in part respond by editing the student's various grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and other style errors with a red pen. The best part: The "advice" the teacher offered at the bottom.

Check it out ...


student letter to teacher corrected with red pen

Now, that's what I call brilliant discipline! Can we get a round of applause for this teacher? Too funny -- and spot-on. I feel like this tactic works so much better than, say, public shaming or even formal action like detention or suspension. It looks to me like a real wake-up call that -- fingers crossed! -- put this kid in his or her place.

Who knows if the incident will improve the kid's grammar, spelling, or even incentive to proofread future communications (irate or otherwise). But maybe they'll think twice before writing a complaint that only serves to make them "look stupid."

What's your take on how the teacher handled this situation?


Images via bekahhogue/Flickr & Marinator3344/Reddit

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