Teenager Gets Accepted to ALL 8 Ivy League Colleges

MIvy league collegeost parents would be completely thrilled if their child got into just ONE Ivy League college. That, for many, would be a huge deal. Now, what would you do if your child was accepted at not one Ivy League school but all eight of them? That's just what happened to Kwasi Enin, a New York high school senior. So, how did this happen?


Enin was accepted to Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Princeton, Cornell plus a variety of other institutions of higher learning.

"I simply thought I would apply," he told the Long Island Newsday. "I was hoping to get one or two. Then they all came, and I said, 'There's no way.'"

To accomplish this, he first had to apply to all the colleges --which is feat in and of itself. Then he had to have the grades and extra curricular activities to be attractive to enrollment directors. He has a 2250 out of a possible 2500 on his SAT which places him at the 98th percentile. He wasn't the number one ranked student at his public high school, but rather the 11th, which is still be pretty good. Not only does he do well scholastically but he excels in all sort of other disciplines making him uniquely well-rounded.

He regularly performs as a lead in school plays, plays three instruments in the school's chamber orchestra, sings with an a capella  group, is on the school track and field team, and is involved in student government.

"Standardized test scores and good grades will get a student in the door to have their application read," an admissions expert said. "But it's their extracurricular activities, leadership experience, exceptional talents, recommendation letters and personal essays that will move a student from a pile of 'maybes' to a pile of 'accepted.'"

This is a good lesson for ALL us parents if our goal is to get our offspring into a top school, diversify and make sure your kid is well-rounded. Encourage your child not just to get great grades but have them participate in all those extra activities from drama, sports to student politics. Yes, they may find that they are very busy, but these kind of college opportunities need to be earned.

Then comes to the hard part, deciding what school your child should go to. Do you pick the one with the best financial aid package? Do you go with the school you want? Do you go to the school your kid wants? After lots of consideration, it probably ends up to be a mix of all three. So where will Enin end up going? He still has until May 1st to decide, but right now he is leaning towards Yale saying, "They seem to embody all the kinds of things I want in a college: the family, the wonderful education, the amazing diverse students, and financial aid as well."

What would you do if your child was lucky enough to get into all the Ivy Leagues?

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